I am a freelance artist, specialising in narrative art and performance.


I have been commissioned both commercially and personally for various projects including the Whitechapel Gallery, Southbank Centre and the Whitstable Biennale.


My work as an authorial illustrator has seen me push the boundaries of visual narrative. With a combined background in illustrative arts and theatre, I endeavour to harness a curiosity for the weird and wonderful with a passion for making art that invites the viewer to look deeper than surface level.


When working independently, I fuse authorial illustration with performance and installation creating 'live' graphic novels, which allow the viewer to step inside the narrative. The work purposefully straddles boundaries of classification, creating strange and often confrontational imagery, which may appear sugary on first glance only to reveal disquieting undertones. Surreal scenes wrap around a confessional approach, blurring autobiography and myth.


I have a masters in Illustration from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design and regularly lecture for UAL.



© Juliet Sugg   Artist & Illustrator    Call 07720942938 / suggsart@gmail.com

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