“The death of a beautiful woman, is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world.  ”
― Edgar Allen Poe, The Philosophy of Composition , 1846.


The image of the beautiful, white, virgin like, young, female corpse, is one that continues to flood our lives. From the popularity of true crime to the fictionalised image of a girl who has met her snow white like death, the objectification of female victims continues to lure our gaze.

This, often unrealistic representation, is a trope that has endured for centuries, from Ophelia's floral drowning to Laura Palmer's, 'wrapped in plastic' beatific portrait. The reproduction and attraction to such images seem to endlessly endure despite the horrific reality that women are and continue to fall victim to brutalised violence.

In this new series, the artist strives to wrestle with her own desire to consume such imagery and its fetishization and to give voice to the silent victims that often inhabit her pictorial worlds.

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